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Akta is the most complete video platform specially built for broadcasters, programmers, and aggregators

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Who are we?

We cater to only one segment of the video market: broadcasters, programmers and premium video aggregators. Our customers typically produce or aggregate premium on-demand video, news and sports. They trust Akta Platform to not only power their direct-to-consumer applications, but also distribute their premium content to their  partners.  


We obsessively focus on our customers. Delivering cutting-edge video technology is only part of the puzzle for us. Our specialty is combining innovation with scale and reliability that high-end media companies desire. We provide 24/7 support and dedicated project management to meet our customers high-end needs.

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Why choose us?

Do you feel like your video works, but not quite as well as the top notch players such as Netflix or YouTube? Video not playing on certain device platforms? Unable to deliver live signals across continents with low latency? Live signal issues in your broadcast centers? Stuttering video on mobile and connected platforms? Difficulties to monetize and target ads, even with server side ad insertion? Unable to support fragmented connected TV platforms? Mobile app code is unmaintainable due to too many corner cases? Spending too much money to create play-out channels for multiple device platforms?  Video format or metadata issues delivering your video to service providers, telcos or partners?

Our technology platform solves all these challenges and more ...

Top notch Video Delivery is Hard


We are the innovators in the video domain. Our technology platform solves the technical challenges of online video that continues to overwhelm the premium video publishers and distributors.

Our Technology


Video Encoding

Encode your videos in the cloud. Support not only broadcast distribution formats but also  multi device streaming formats as HLS and MPEG-DASH. Enjoy DRM, full server side ad insertion and multiplayer support.

Distribution for Live and Video on Demand

Distribute you live signals and video on demand files to premium destinations and video aggregators such as telcos, service providers, and online destinations

Live Streaming

Generate live streams with our high-end software based encoders. Preserve live ad breaks, ingest live captions in 608/708/EU formats, and condition your streams for dynamic ad insertion.


Server Side Ad Insertion

Eliminate video stutters, and expensive video ad plugins. Our platform inserts ads in the cloud on the server side ensuring TV quality video experience with the monetization benefits of dynamically targeted ads. Target ads on a per user basis with no changes to your current ad workflows.

Video Players

Performant, Skinnable, API driven video players for all platforms including iOS, Android, Web, and more. Fully compliant with analytics plugins, and ad beacons, our player deliver the best viewing and ad experience.


Cloud Playout

Create live linear channels in the cloud without the need for any broadcast equipment or software. Drag and drop videos too build channels, create schedules and syndicate to premium destinations such as Pluto TV, Comcast, etc.

Live Clipping

Create sub clips and highlights from live and video on demand files in the cloud. Intuitive interface to trim, cut and socially share. 



Our SaaS video platform is controlled by APIs. Integrate your upstream workflows, metadata sources, and single sign on systems seamlessly and easily. We offer professional services and support to help with any integration

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