Schedule Live Linear Channels in the cloud. AI-based scheduling assistant can schedule an entire channel within minutes. Monetize with ads (Free Ad Supported TV) or subscriptions. Distribute to premium digital destinations. Enjoy broadcast grade uptime with 24/7 monitored infrastructure.

Cloud FAST Scheduler Parachute
Our Customers

Media Plan with AI

Media plan in the cloud. Lay out your media plan, with repeat blocks, long term schedules and media templates. AI-based schedule assistant provides suggestions and creates entire channels  or schedule blocks within minutes. Save time for creative work and avoid manual mistakes.

Schedule in the Cloud

No broadcast equipment. No traditional control room.  Schedule your channels in the cloud via simple drag drop interfaces. Schedule on your own terms: schedule on the hour (like traditional TV) or create contiguous binge watch channels.

Ad Breaks

Either manually control the ad breaks or let our system insert them into the schedule. Ad break durations flex and adjust based on your scheduling needs. If you are re-airing broadcast content, preserve the frame-accurate ad breaks in the broadcast video-on-demand files. Monetize each ad break by dynamic server side ad insertion.

Distribute to Premium Destinations

Distribute your live streams to any digital destination of your choice in multiple formats (e.g., SRT, High bit rate HLS). We distribute not only live streams but the accompanying metadata (Electronic Program Guide) in many formats.