One workflow and flawless players for every screen. HTML5/ Connected TV, iOS, TVOS, Android, AndroidTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast. The fastest video start. Playback and ad insertion perfected for every screen, every platform.

Our Customers

Adaptive Bitrate, DRM with Ad Insertion

Our adaptive bitrate technology guarantees viewers a playback experience with no interruption. Regardless of device, our players gracefully transition between different video bitrates, adjusting with changes in available bandwidth to ensure an optimized viewing experience whether live or on-demand. No compromises on DRM security or Monetization.

Full Customization

Akta’s players are fully configurable and skinnable to match your brand’s look-and-feel. Use our simple configuration to change player size, add a logo, remove buttons, select colors, change fonts, etc. Build personalized skins with just a few clicks. With support for dozen languages, you can also configure the player’s messages specifically for your target audience.


Extensive APIs

Full control through extensive player APIs. Extend our players’ feature set using the component plugin architecture.

Closed Captions

Akta players support multi-language FCC compliant subtitles on all desktop and the latest mobile platforms. Your viewers can display, style and manage closed captions in multiple languages with no extra effort.


Authorization & Authentication

Akta players work hand-in-hand with major authentication/ authorization services such as Adobe Pass™ and common in-house subscription and authorization APIs.

Entitlements, Blackouts & Alternative Content

Provide authorized users premium content while either blacking out or serving alternative content to other users who are not entitled to see the videos. Manage entitlements via simple user interfaces, and build complex rules such as user location, content category, content sunrise and sunset dates.



Players are integrated with Akta Analytics and provide full support for Omniture and Conviva.

Ad Integration

Players provide full support for ad insertion, major ad servers such as FreeWheel and Google DFP is pre-integrated.