Encrypt the content delivered to end users’ devices using studio grade DRM.  Even at massive scale, never fail to play video.  Our DRM license server serves millions of concurrent users. Manage all DRM standards from a single platform that packages seamlessly into Apple Fairplay, Google Widevine and Microsoft Fairplay. Configure granular DRM access policies and sophisticated access rules from an intuitive UI.

Our Customers

Multi DRM Licence Service

We provide a multi-DRM license server that dispatches the industry-standard DRM schemes (Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady). License server scales to millions of concurrent users.  This implementation is compatible with ad insertion and all the major platforms (Android, iOS, Connected TVs and all major browsers).


DRM Policies

Configured granular DRM access rights on a per play session and per device level.  Based on subscription levels, provision access to UHD, HD and SD content. Configure key rotation and sophisticated security settings per content and per device platform.

Offline Playback

Securely store content on mobile devices (Android, iOS) and manage persistent keys. Manage access rights, content expiration, license revocation and renewal policies from an intuitive interface.