We offer the leading video platform where flexibility meets powerful end-to-end video publishing and monetization. We are the only turnkey solution for media companies and programmers who need to fully automate video encoding, editing, publishing and secure syndication to multiple business partners on multiple platforms. Our cloud-based dynamic, server-side ad insertion technology creates unmatched monetization opportunities on all mobile and connected devices.

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Live Streaming

Scale without limits and simplify your live streaming infrastructure with our award-winning software. Throw away your proprietary, costly hardware and eliminate the capital expense mindset of yesterday’s live streaming – we provide you with everything you need for flawless, stunning live linear stream origination.


Fast Channels

Schedule Live Linear Channels in the cloud. AI-based scheduling assistant can schedule an entire channel within minutes. Monetize with ads (Free Ad Supported TV) or subscriptions. Distribute to premium digital destinations. Enjoy broadcast grade uptime with 24/7 monitored infrastructure.

Cloud FAST Scheduler Parachute

Cloud Editing

When seconds count, get your clips in front of your audience in the moment. Breaking news and sports highlights demand to be delivered to viewers as rapidly as possible. From the house fire to a car chase to the winning goal in the big game – use our powerful HD Cloud Editor to cut snippets from those events as they happen and syndicate those clips to screens in minutes.


Video Encoding

Welcome Akta Hybrid Video Encoding: Combine the scalability of cloud infrastructure with the cost advantages of on­ premise processing. Our algorithms dynamically allocate resources to encode in the cloud or on-premise so that you can control your bandwidth and processing costs without compromising service level agreements that govern quality and time-to-market.



Distribute your content when it matters the most – in near real-time. Akta Syndication is the most powerful solution for distributing video content to the top video distribution portals including premium destinations like Comcast, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Roku, as well as social destinations like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


Ad Insertion

Craft your video strategy with profit in mind. Turn your cost center into a profit center where our Server-side Ad Insertion Technology dynamically inserts high-value, interactive ads targeted for each user. Cover all device platforms. Eliminate cumbersome ad plugins that cause spinning wheels, video buffering and app crashes. Akta provides you the full set of options to monetize your live streams on any screen, any device.



Akta helps you get your content to users and never violate your content rights. Manage content entitlements, blackouts and automate content replacement.



Encrypt the content delivered to end users’ devices using studio grade DRM.  Even at massive scale, never fail to play video.  Our DRM license server serves millions of concurrent users. Manage all DRM standards from a single platform that packages seamlessly into Apple Fairplay, Google Widevine and Microsoft Fairplay. Configure granular DRM access policies and sophisticated access rules from an intuitive UI.



One workflow, one player partner for every screen. iOS. Android. Desktop. Chromecast. Apple TV. Roku. Guaranteed flawless playback and monetization on every screen, every platform. That’s significant.