Get your content out when it matters the most – in near real-time. Akta Syndication is the most powerful solution for distributing video content to the top video distribution portals including premium destinations like Comcast, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and Roku, as well as social destinations like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Our Customers



Premium Syndication

Your content is valuable and is now consumed on an exponentially growing number of screens. Whether you provide this content to traditional cable audiences through VOD offerings or via OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu or the like – Akta has you covered. No longer do you need to seek out separate solutions and workflows for distribution destinations, as you can cover all requirements within one video supply chain.

Social Syndication

Get your clips in front of viewer’s eyes while the live event is still in progress by clipping and publishing your video to social feeds in real time. Using Akta’s robust social syndication tools, you can hook directly into the core video processing power of each social network. Your viewers enjoy flawless playback, autoplay on scroll and all the native features of the social destinations.




Set Rules

Today’s over-the-top distribution can call for complex business logic and rules for where, when, how long your content can be distributed, as well as how it is monetized. Clips can be available for 30 short days in limited release or for an entire year until next season’s episodic content replaces them. Further, a viewer in North America may be permitted to access and view clips that viewers in Latin America can not. These are just a few of the plethora of metrics, rules, access logic and data that may drive how your content is delivered and accessed. You are in control.


Spread the word. Maximize exposure. Enable your viewers to get their favorite clips in front of their influencers and on social feeds where audiences and uptake can explode. Akta’s MCP leverages key technical partnerships with Facebook and Twitter so that your content makes optimal use of their video engines and places your content directly in front of massive social audiences.



Video isn’t very powerful nor compelling without metrics that inform content creators, programmers & operators about its behavior, ability to drive revenue and consumption patterns. Akta provides you with rich analytics tools to provide a few into all these metrics and more. In real time, you can monitor which content is being viewed most in one particular geography, which sites and networks are referring more viewers to your content, which clips are making the most ad revenue and more. Tap into this valuable video information stream and tune and configure your content and distribution strategy, armed with timely and relevant data to drive your programming plans.