Viva Las Vegas – Wrapping up NAB 2024 with Akta


  • NAB 2024 proved pivotal for Akta, marking a significant milestone. Our time there was filled with enriching meetings and invaluable insights, notably from Michael Cerda, the CPO/CTO of TelevisaUnivision, during the Devoncroft Summit. At the NAB Streaming Summit, our Chairman Alper Turgut delved into the transformative impact of AI on video workflows.

    As we relentlessly push the boundaries of our platform’s capabilities with AI integration, we proudly showcased several advancements to media companies and broadcasters:

    AI-powered Closed Caption extraction, augmented with human-in-the-loop editing.
    -AI-driven Viral Clip Creation and Summarization.
    -FAST and Broadcast Scheduling enhanced by AI.
    -Advanced language models facilitating Video Metadata extraction and summarization.
    -Automated VOD Syndication.

    Akta stands at the forefront of innovation in video asset management, cloud scheduling, and playout solutions. Our commitment extends to developing cutting-edge FAST channel tools that set new standards in the industry. We’re eager to demonstrate these industry-leading features firsthand.

    We’re just getting started in the transformation of broadcast and streaming video workflows and we’re excited at the innovations we’ll be unveiling as 2024 unfolds. If you’d like to learn more or to talk to us about your project or requirements, drop us a note on