Building Televisa Univision VIX in nine months powered by the Akta Video Platform

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The Sprint – Launching VIX in Nine Months

In an incredible journey spanning just nine months, Televisa Univision built VIX, the world’s largest Spanish-language video service.VIX emerged swiftly and ranked third globally in terms of size. Michael Cerda, EVP & CTO, a seasoned product leader who spearheaded the creation of ViX, describes this rapid launch at scale. From video platform software to cloud choice to product strategy, he describes the recipe for success.

Video Infrastructure is Plumbing – Focus on the User

VIX is an end-to-end user of Akta’s platform on Google Cloud. Amidst the flurry of challenges, including the amalgamation of diverse tech infrastructures and the meticulous preparation for major live events like the World Cup and a highly anticipated reality show, VIX continues to grow.

Allowing Akta to focus on video delivery, ad insertion and player infrastructure, VIX remains laser-focused on innovation and user engagement. Solid infrastructure provides the right setup for innovation for the VIX product team. From expanding features to enhancing accessibility across an array of devices and platforms, VIX shows steadfast commitment to excellence.

The Marathon – Continuous Innovation

Despite the tremendous achievements thus far, Cerda recognizes that the journey ahead is akin to a marathon rather than a sprint. However, armed with a blend of foresight, adaptability, and unwavering resolve, he and his team stand ready to confront the challenges of an ever-evolving streaming industry. Their ultimate goal? To ensure ViX not only thrives but revolutionizes the streaming landscape for years to come.

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