Akta Announces Instant Live-to-VOD for Sports OTT Customers

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New York, NY Akta, the complete TV Everywhere and OTT platform provider, has introduced additional functionality that enables content owners, service providers and media companies to deploy OTT services more quickly, streamline the video workflow and facilitate service monetization.  These enhancements  include enhanced business insights, instant live-to-VOD, and support for DAI across all devices — facilitate monetization, accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs.

Instant Live-to-VOD

Akta now offers automated live-to-VOD capabilities, the moment a live show/program completes, the on-demand asset is immediately ready and is fully monetizable. The heads and tails of the event, as well as all the ad breaks and boundaries are marked, enabling seamless and personalized ad insertion. This feature also greatly accelerates the time to market for live-to-VOD program availability, and is far and away faster and more streamlined than any similar offering in the market.

Recording in the Cloud

Live video is recorded in the cloud, and as it is being recorded a playable version is generated on the fly. As soon as the live event (e.g., sports game) ends, the event is ready for streaming from the cloud. The ad breaks are preserved, but the static ads are automatically stripped out so that they can be replaced with dynamically targeted, personalized ads. If the sports game is set for distribution, the full premium distribution stack is created.

Highlights and Syndication

Social clipping and syndication of the highlights throughout the game is yet another feature, fully compatible with instant live to video-on-demand recording.

About Akta

Akta provides a turnkey software-based TV Everywhere/OTT workflow that enables television programmers, content owners and service providers to reach their audiences on any device. From signal to screen, Akta offers a single, all-encompassing solution that ensures playback and monetization across all screens. Customers can deploy Akta solutions within a matter of weeks, enabling live or on-demand TV programming on any device in a highly cost-effective manner.